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   January 3 - 29, 2017



Represented by artists from Mexico, The Caribbean, Central America, and South America, Latin American contemporary art is composed of many different styles, expressions and genres. The artistic evolution of Latin America has been influenced by European and North American trends but is still affected by the artists’ native country’s history and/or sociopolitical position. Regional and individual forms of expression have developed out of the Latin American culture and the perceptions of Western art. Non Latino artists who have lived in the aforementioned areas have also been strongly shaped in their art by the Latino connection and their work reflects the intersection of the visual with the cultural.

 Southern California, with its strong Latino presence and border with Mexico, is a treasure trove of talented artists. Each year more Latino artists are made aware of our invitation to display their art in our beautiful facility. And each year more of them accept the invitation, bringing awareness and richness to the community that all of us can share. 

This year the Latino Artists will be strongly represented in an exciting show of their work at the Borrego Art Institute. 



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