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Plan a Garden visit! 

Gentle rains over the  past month have made the garden very happy and with longer days right around the corner plants are getting excited!  Please stop by and say hello - everyone is welcome to take a stroll through the beautiful gardens, learn about what's growing, and eat some vegetables along the way.  The plants love the attention and there are always people having fun planting and harvesting.  

If you have FAMILY in town for the holidays, consider making the gardens one of your stops!  People visiting from colder areas of the world are always thrilled to see vegetables thriving in the middle of winter.  Volunteers are happy to give impromptu tours which include lots of tasting and a fun look at the seasons growth.

Make dinner exciting!  VEGETABLE BAGS are available for sale in the Gallery most days Monday through Saturday.  It's often a mix of salad greens and herbs with some mix of eggplants, squash, nopales, and peppers to spice things up.  Remember... Eat Healthy & Cook Creatively!

Looking to grow your own vegetables?  Consider a COMMUNITY GARDEN PLOT!  A 6'x12' plot is $15 for 6 months (that's $15 total for half a year!) and you will be gardening among a great group of people.  We have six plots left, so please let us know if you want to garden this upcoming season.

VOLUNTEERS are the driving force of the garden and are always welcome to help plant and harvest!  Please stop by between 9-12 on weekdays and plan to stay anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours. There is always lots to do and great company!

Volunteers are also needed for the SCHOOL PROGRAM!  Students from the Middle and Elementary school come every Wednesday between 3:30 - 5:00 as part of the ASES program... and they LOVE the garden!  Lessons vary each week but always include lots of hands on planting, harvesting, and garden fun.  Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering with this amazing program.

Stop by the garden some morning or email Wade to reserve your garden plot or volunteer:

The PLANTS look forward to seeing YOU!

ArtFarm plans starting Fall 2018:

Over the next 18 months the ArtFarm plans to expand operations to provide a variety of new opportunities for the Borrego Art Institute and the community of Borrego Springs.

Kesling’s Kitchen - One of the key components of the ArtFarm is to provide fresh produce for Kesling’s Kitchen.  With the planting of over 40 fruit trees and a more concentrated effort towards year round vegetable production, the garden looks to increase offerings of fresh, locally grown produce to the restaurant by over 200% in the next two seasons.

Funding – A variety of grants have been applied for and more grants are being written in an effort to expand gardening opportunities to the community.  As money is awarded, plans will be put into place to build 10 family garden plots to serve county residents interested in growing vegetables.  The fresh produce these gardens provide will go directly to families in need of a little extra assistance with putting wholesome food on the table.  As additional funding is generated, expansions following the master plan will continue to take shape including a perimeter fence, outdoor classrooms, green house, and farmer’s market stand.

Education – Growing produce in the desert while being responsible to limited water resources is a challenging task.  Through partnerships with Borrego Springs Unified School District, ArtFarm looks to turn these challenges into educational opportunities for students and their families.  By supporting current school nutrition programs, ArtFarm hopes to provide a central learning location for students to grow, harvest, prepare, and eat healthy foods.  In addition to expanding production gardens, funds will also be raised to develop an outdoor kitchen classroom to teach students, adults, and visitors, new and wholesome ways to prepare fresh produce.

Volunteers – Volunteers are the heart of the ArtFarm and expanding into the community will take hard work and dedication.  Volunteer training will be offered during the fall and winter seasons to inform and train volunteers on the needs of the garden.  Volunteer opportunities will include starting and planting seedlings, composting, teaching students, harvesting fruits and vegetables, and developing program areas.  Over the next 18 months, ArtFarm looks to expand volunteer numbers by over 300%.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the ArtFarm.  ArtFarm is currently looking for dedicated community members able to donate time, energy and resources (such as shovels, rakes and gardening supplies).  To discover more on how you can become involved in providing fresh produce for individuals and families in Borrego Springs, please contact Wade at

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