ArtPark continues to rely on your generosity for its success. From the beginning, the Borrego Art Institute has been a donor-funded effort, and the generous support we’ve received over the years has made us what we are today. We continue to rely on donors not only to keep our programs and activities going, but to help us evolve and grow. Your contributions of any size are appreciated! 

If you like to make a donation, please  contact Wade at: (760) 767-5152

or email at: [email protected]

If you would like to make a donation, please click below.
Thank you so much for being so supportive!

Please take a look at our current donation list, and if you have some extra supplies at your home and no way to get them to the garden, we are happy to pick them up!

• Planter trays for seedlings  
• Organic potting soil  
• Vegetable seeds  
• Bow rake
• Garden Spade
• Round point shovel
• Flat transfer shovel  
• Garden sprayer
• Gardening hand tools  
• Pruning tools  
• 5-gallon buckets  
• 10’x10′ or larger tarps  
• 2″ poultry fencing  
• General repair tools, like screwdrivers, hammer,
  wrenches, pipe wrench, PVC cutter, etc.
• Toolbox medium size  
• Shelving and hooks for inside the sheds  
• Hoses and attachments  
• Drip tape and irrigation supplies (like-new condition)  
• Surplus PVC and fittings, any sizes that may be
  leftover from home projects
• Wheel barrels  
• Garden carts  
• First aid kit  
• Pots, disposable, plastic, and terracotta
• Outdoor chairs/bench 
• Compost bins
• Hose reel  
• Wash sink faucet

School Garden Program $5,000 Reoccurring annual funding request
Six garden plots are maintained exclusively for Borrego Springs students and, in conjunction with the rest of the ArtPark, the gardens provide an outdoor classroom to learn about organic growing and healthy eating. Lessons are offered free of charge to the public and homeschool students in Borrego Springs and focus heavily on hands-on learning. The majority of students come from low-income households and the garden provides a unique opportunity to teach about healthy, low-cost foods that can be grown locally. Funding in the amount of $5,000 annually is needed to cover consumable program supplies including seeds, soil, germinating pods, tools, safety gloves, and lesson materials.

Community Garden  $5,000 One-time funding request
There are a total of 50 community garden plots that require additional development to make the program sustainable. The garden plots are tended to by individuals in the community and provide food for personal use and the community at large. Funding in the amount of $5,000 is needed to continue to develop the following program components: seed storage and germination, starter tables and equipment, hand tools and a small farm tractor, shade and irrigation systems, apiary, equipment storage areas.

Aquaponics program  $8,000 One-time funding request
The Aquaponics Learning Center is designed to grow fresh organic vegetables while showcasing water-smart agricultural techniques. The aquaponics system will provide over 200 square feet of tabletop and 150 feet of vertical growing space inside the greenhouse. An 8ft diameter raised tank will be the heart of the system containing a mixture of fish and snails which provide nutrients to organically feed the plants. The tank, grow tables, and vertical grow tubes are part of a fully contained water system. The concepts of hydroponics and aquaponics will be presented in a way that is transferable to home gardens both indoors and outside. A local grant has been received to cover the first $3,000 of the project. Funding in the amount of $8,000 is required to cover the remainder of the equipment start-up cost.

Orchard Fencing  $8,500 One-time funding request
40 orchard trees and 50 community garden plots need to be fenced to help with pest management. 6ft field fencing will be buried 18inches down to create a barrier to stop burrowing animals. Two electric wire deterrents, powered by a solar/battery, will reduce produce loss from rabbits and squirrels. The fencing will also help define the school and community garden space providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing area for growing and learning. Funding in the amount of $8,500 is needed for the fence, electric system, posts, and three gates.

Education Equipment  $20,000 One-time funding request
The Borrego Art Institute is expanding educational programming to embrace the outdoor garden space. Supplies will be a mixture of semi-permanent and mobile fixtures required to provide instructional space for adults and children. Funding in the amount of $20,000 is needed to cover supplies of tables, chairs, shade umbrellas, and storage shed to equip the BAI for educational programming and instruction.

Program Leadership  $25,000 Reoccurring annual funding request
Borrego Art Institute ArtPark employees oversee the 2.3-acre ArtPark including the gardens, pottery, and soon-to-be-built Pavilion building and rental space. BAI staff are responsible for providing all ArtPark programming and leadership. Funding in the amount of $25,000 annually is needed to help cover the labor cost of the ArtPark employees who provide leadership, program development, volunteer coordination, and instruction.

Greenhouse Development  $30,000 One-time funding request
The 30’x140′ greenhouse building is in the permitting phase with the building department of San Diego County. Funding for the planning and construction phase of the building has been secured through private donations. A greenhouse manufacturer has been contracted to provide the product and building contractors have been identified. Funding in the amount of $30,000 is needed to supply the new building with shelving, tables, hydroponic supplies, demonstration beehive, tools, classroom equipment, a watering system, growing mediums, and amendments.

Sun Sails  $40,000 One-time funding request
Sun Sails are required to improve visitor and volunteer comfort while also providing shade for plants. Sun sails and posts will match the design and quality of those recently installed over the playground equipment at the Borrego Springs county park. Funding in the amount of $40,000 is needed to complete the shading project, which will cover four main areas.