Information for Artists

[email protected] The Borrego Art Institute holds between 10-14 shows per year. During the season, October-April, most are themed shows or invitationals and are up for approximately a month. The Summer Show goes from mid-April to the end of September and is open to art of all types that has not been shown in the gallery before. The Gallery has strong guidelines as to how the art is presented and what restrictions apply.

Most of the shows allow up to three entries per artist. We will not accept art that has been shown in the gallery before. Members of BAI are not charged a fee to enter shows. Non-members pay $15 per accepted submission. Shows which are an exception to the fee charge are as follows: All solo artist’s shows, the Contemporary Latin American Art Show, the special exhibition of the ABF Photo Contest, and the Plein Air Invitational (each invited artist pays a $100 entry fee). Gift Shop artists are not charged a fee at this time.

All wall art must be able to hang by our hook and cable system. This generally requires a wire tightly strung between two D-rings on the back of the artwork. Toothed hooks do not work with our system. Inquire at [email protected] if you have any questions.

All artwork must be clean, in good condition, and presented in a professional manner.

All artwork must be for sale and at a reasonable price. Work that is overpriced will be refused.

BAI takes 50% of the selling price for show art and 45% of Gift Shop art as a commission. Other percentages apply under certain circumstances. To receive an entry form, email [email protected] and ask for the form for the appropriate show. It is good to include images of the work you would like to enter.